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Microsoft says Yahoo is ‘phantom data’ phone bug source

According to a recent news report by BBC News (which, for legal reasons, we can’t reprint here), Microsoft, which has for the past week or so investigating reports of a mysterious “phantom data” leaks affecting Windows Phone 7 handsets, which makes many phones send and receive data without the owner’s knowledge and often ate into usage allowances quite heavily, has found the culprit to be Yahoo!.

Specifically, an inefficient method used by Yahoo in one of their apps which allows Yahoo! Mail to be synced with the Windows Phone mail client, is causing the rapid data usage, because a mistake in how the code determines how to check for new messages and fetch them if they exist means that the system can download up to 25 times more information than it needs to.

Microsoft are insistent, though, that this only affects a small number of users. Nevertheless, the company has stated it is in contact with Yahoo, and should be fixing the problem in the next few weeks.

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