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Facebook App Sidesteps Google’s Block on Contact Importing

Now how’s this for proof of the old adage “where there’s a will, there’s a way”? After Google blocked Facebook from allowing users to import their contacts from Google to automatically add friends until they return the favour, Eduardo Fernández, 26-year-old coder in Chicago, spent two days developing an App to get around that block.

Called “GMail Contacts”, this new Facebook App lets you login to your Gmail account, after which it will determine which of your Gmail contacts are on Facebook and gives you the chance to friend the ones you haven’t connected with yet. The drawbacks? One, it doesn’t use Google’s API, instead rerouting its request through Fernández’s own server, so you have to take him at his word that the app doesn’t remember your password. And two, due to the load on his server, the app only checks fifty at a time. If you want to go through a long list of contacts, you have to run it multiple times.

Fernández says he got interested in the battle since his six-month old company Improffice specializes in helping businesses migrate information from normal Gmail accounts to Google App accounts, and from Google App accounts to Google App accounts.

If the application proves popular with Facebookers who don’t care for the new hassle it takes to check your Gmail contacts for new Facebook friends, Fernandez says he’ll increase the server capacity to remove the 50 name limitation. And more importantly, he says he will integrate the app with a another Google API so that your password is sent to Google, not his server.

The Tech World never stays still, huh?

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