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Make Multiple Desktops and keep your workflow more organised with Dexpot

Virtual desktops are a way to help computer users organize themselves better as they work or play. In simple terms, a virtual desktop allows you to have multiple desktop workspaces just like if you were using multiple monitors; the difference is instead of changing from monitor to monitor, you navigate between these multiple desktop workspaces just like you would navigate from one tab to another in Firefox or Internet Explorer. For example, instead of having all the windows related to task A and all the windows related to task B on the same desktop, a user can put all the windows related to task A in desktop one and all the windows related to task B in desktop two. Then the user can switch back and forth between the desktops as he/she pleases.

Linux, Unix and Mac OS X all have this feature built-in, but on Windows it is sadly absent. Thankfully though, a large number of external programs are available from the internet that can give you this functionality and more. Today I want to share with you the one I think is the best of the bunch.

Dexpot (pronounced like decks-pot) is a lightweight program that works mainly out of your system tray. It lets you create up to 20 Virtual Desktops to switch between, with 4 being created by default on installation. As well as the basic Virtual Desktop management, though, Dexpot has a large number of other Read the rest of this entry »