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Google +1 Buttons Temporarily Removed

Here at Technically Motivated, I take a lot of pride in trying to remain at the forefront of technology, while also keeping the Tips, Reviews, Gaming Coverage and various other articles – whether written by myself, Techie Jinji (TM’s founder and sole staff member); our partners; or by the very visitors who frequent our blog – relevant to the wider audience. Which is why I love it when me and my partners see people spreading word about the site and sharing our works with their friends and more – in fact, the Sharing buttons underneath every post exist purely to make doing this much more easier and more intuitive.

Some few months ago, Google launched a new sharing platform called +1, which allows you to mark content that you like on a web page or in search results and have your recommendations show up to your friends in their own searches or (lately) in the Google Plus social network. After investigating whether this new service suited Technically Motivated, the site was quickly modified to add +1 buttons to the large set of sharing options available on each post.

Unfortunately, recently I discovered that the +1 buttons are not working out in their current form. Their occasional slowness to load and the multiple JavaScript calls required to make them appear on each post has been causing performance hits to the TMWeb Server, making the site load slowly – sometimes to the point that parts of the site, most notably on the front page, were not loading at all! Because this was having a negative impact on the site, I have decided to take the drastic measure of removing them from the website completely for an indefinite – though hopefully temporary – length of time.

My hope is that I’ll be able to find another, better method to add the button to posts and pages across the site – in which case it will be added back. However, I cannot guarantee this, so in the worst case scenario it may be the buttons do not make a return whatsoever. Even without them, though, we still have a large number of other sharing options available so there’s no big loss either way. Thanks for reading.

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