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Hackers expected to focus on Google and Apple in 2011

As it assesses the forthcoming threat vectors for 2011, IT security giant McAfee is predicting that Internet TV platforms, in particular Google TV and Apple TV, will be high among the list of targets for emerging threats in 2011. In fact, McAfee say that its list comprises 2010’s most talked about platforms and services, including not just Apple TV and Google TV but also Google’s Android, Apple’s iPhone, foursquare, and the Mac OS X platform. These are all expected to become major targets for cybercriminals as they get more popular.

Focusing on potential privacy leaks from TVs, McAfee says that new Internet TV platforms were among some of the most highly-anticipated devices in 2010. Due to the growing popularity among users and “rush to market” thinking by developers, McAfee expects an increasing number of suspicious and malicious apps for the most widely deployed media platforms, such as Google TV. McAfee believes that these apps will likely target or expose privacy and identity data, and will allow cybercriminals to manipulate a variety of physical devices through compromised or controlled apps, eventually raising the effectiveness of botnets. With Internet-enabled TVs getting close to matching smartphones or low-powered computers in their technical abilities, it’s only a matter of time before they are exploited in some way, and many of the possible vulnerabilities of connected TV and IPTV services have only just begun to emerge. It is likely we’ll learn more about the risks as time progresses.

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    American television networks block Google TV from accessing web-based content

    In what could be a significant blow to the recently launched Google Internet TV platform, three major American Television networks – ABC, CBS and NBC – are barring Sony and Logitech’s web-infused TVs and set-top-boxes from accessing full episodes of streaming video content. The Wall Street Journal reports that all three networks have confirmed the ban. What’s more, it also states that Fox is also discussing whether it will ban Google TV as well, though the network has not made a definitive decision as of yet.

    For its part, Google says that it’s “ultimately the content owners’ choice to restrict their fans from accessing their content on the platform,” so don’t expect the search company to pitch in, unless it can work out some premium arrangements for all parties involved.

    A while ago, video streaming website Hulu suffered a similar setback with networks blocking their content from appearing on the service – however, it was discovered that the blocks could be got around by making tweaks in a user’s browser. However, it appears that Hulu has now been re-blocked, so the browser tweak likely isn’t going to work for Google TV either. For now, it appears users are just going to have to ride this one out.

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    60 Million Tune In To Freeview In UK

    More than 60 million devices with Freeview have been sold in the UK, according to Ofcom’s latest Digital TV Progress report – which puts the Digital Terrestrial Television, Free to Air platform far ahead of its rivals. 10.1 million households (or 40 percent of the total) use a Freeview equipped television set as their main one as of the second quarter of 2010, with an additional 8.5 million sets being used as secondary TVs; on average, each household owns about 2.4 TV sets.

    A likely contributor to this widespread adoption is simply that Freeview tuners are often integrated with all modern television sets, including entry level ones; and that external tuners can be purchased for as little as £10 with at least 100 models to choose from.

    On the other hand, the rate of adoption of Freeview HD has been disappointing especially when compared to Freesat HD. Only 230,000 households currently have Freeview HD, compared to 1.25 million Freesat HD installations. But things are improving – the Managing Director of the entity behind Freeview, Ilse Howling, recently had this to say about Freeview HD adoption: “nearly one in every six televisions sold in the summer had integrated Freeview HD tuners and we’ve noticed that the overwhelming majority of 3D televisions came with the technology.”

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