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Study: Gaming “most popular thing to do” with Tablet devices

A new survey by Google AdMob has found that tablet owners primarily use their touchscreen devices for playing games, claiming it to be the most common use for their devices. In addition, the commonly held belief that video and e-book viewing would be a Tablet device’s main appeal is proving to be less of a case than previously thought. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Symantec: Targeted computer attacks almost doubled in 2010

    Antivirus software maker Symantec said Tuesday that attacks increased some 93 percent from 2009 to 2010, with a staggering 286 million new threats reported last year alone. An increase in the number of attacks on enterprise systems was noted, as well as the use of social networks as an attack vector. Read the rest of this entry »

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    60 Million Tune In To Freeview In UK

    More than 60 million devices with Freeview have been sold in the UK, according to Ofcom’s latest Digital TV Progress report – which puts the Digital Terrestrial Television, Free to Air platform far ahead of its rivals. 10.1 million households (or 40 percent of the total) use a Freeview equipped television set as their main one as of the second quarter of 2010, with an additional 8.5 million sets being used as secondary TVs; on average, each household owns about 2.4 TV sets.

    A likely contributor to this widespread adoption is simply that Freeview tuners are often integrated with all modern television sets, including entry level ones; and that external tuners can be purchased for as little as £10 with at least 100 models to choose from.

    On the other hand, the rate of adoption of Freeview HD has been disappointing especially when compared to Freesat HD. Only 230,000 households currently have Freeview HD, compared to 1.25 million Freesat HD installations. But things are improving – the Managing Director of the entity behind Freeview, Ilse Howling, recently had this to say about Freeview HD adoption: “nearly one in every six televisions sold in the summer had integrated Freeview HD tuners and we’ve noticed that the overwhelming majority of 3D televisions came with the technology.”

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