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[Review] RaS – Rename and Sort v0.84a

This is a review of the Software product RaS – Rename and Sort v0.84a [Beta], developed by Daniel Ryan.

Contents of this review:

The Basics

System Requirements:

  • Any device capable of running Java
  • More than 2,291kb free space
  • A Java distribution MUST be installed; and should be up-to-date for best performance.



Software description as per the developer:
(Note: Developer software descriptions are copied directly from the developer's websites, so all spelling and grammar mistakes are taken in context)

Rename and sort files with ease!
RaS is a free application that smartly auto renames your files by dragging and dropping the files onto it. Depending on what file type is, it can use metadata embedded into the file, deletes any blacklisted words, general file name clean or uses webservices. This is all done with simplicity in mind.

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