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Confirmed: The “PlayStation Phone” cometh!

It’s been rumoured, supposedly debunked, and rumoured again more times than Ant & Dec have appeared on TV, but now it’s finally official: The “PlayStation Phone” is real, and it’s coming to market very soon!

Officially named the Xperia Play, the phone combines a traditional Android 3.0-powered smart-phone with a preloaded PlayStation Pocket app for downloading and playing PlayStation games. It’s also powered by a Qualcomm chip for lightning fast performance. The Xperia Play has been leaked and spied for months, with Sony Ericsson happily previewing the phone on several occasions – but despite it all, there were constant doubts as to whether the phone was ever actually going to be released.

O2, T-Mobile/Orange and Vodaphone have all confirmed they will host the phone in the UK as soon as it is launched, which Orange has stated is due in April. This leaves only the Three network left to confirm a launch.

Pricing is still to be confirmed by all the networks.

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    PlayStation release an official iPhone and Android App; plus a Scalextric game comes to iOS!

    There’s been plenty of buzz in Tech Central, that Sony is plotting a PlayStation Android phone, which would effectively combine a PlayStation Portable with a Google Android phone. We’re still to see anything come out of those rumours, but obviously Sony hasn’t been keeping a blind eye to Smartphones – according to a post on, Sony have just released an official PlayStation App for Android and the iPhone.

    The new Playstation App needs iOS 4, or Android 1.6 or higher, to play nicely on the phone. Sadly, there’s no gaming to be hand with the app – yet. But it DOES allows you to keep track on your trophies and get the latest PS3 and PSP news direct from the source, as well as share your favourite stories and chatter with your pals via Facebook, Twitter and email.

    Meanwhile, Scalextric fans may like the recent announcement that an official Scalextric app for iPhone and iPad has just been launched as well! Just like the real thing you can build your own tracks to race around and thanks to Apple’s Game Centre you can race on other people’s tracks and set new best times.

    What do you think of the new apps?

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    Sony Testing 3D PS3 Games

    As if no-one guessed already – Sony has officially announced plans to release 3D enabled games for its Move motion-sensing controller.

    At the Tokyo Game Show, the Japanese consumer electronics giant revealed to the mass media plans to introduce 3D games to its PlayStation Move, while announcing 3D Blu-ray movie support for its PS3 console with a firmware update, which according to reports will be released on 21 September.

    Opinions are divided, with others saying that 3D technology is both still in its infancy and an unattractive proposition to most consumers – a situation not expected to change for three years – and others claiming that it makes good business sense as a way for Sony to tout it’s OWN 3D TV sets. There’s also a belief that the Nintendo’s 3DS hand-held gaming device may steal Sony’s thunder, as its technology does not require special glasses. But Sony’s spokesman has refuted all anti-3D opinions, stating that the company is trying to promote the technology in content and that the 3D titles fall in same price bracket as their 2D variants. What do you think?

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