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Rumour: SNK releasing a new Neo Geo for your pocket

Don't call it the Neo Geo Pocket 2


It's not really a followup to the Neo Geo Pocket, but it is a portable device with a bunch of Neo Geo games on it. Currently known only as "Neo Geo Portable Device" (not the product's final name), the handheld is a bit bigger than an iPhone and comes packing two gigs of storage, plenty of buttons, a 4.3 inch screen, SD card slot, headphone jack and an A/V out jack, according to Japanese site Famicom Plaza.


And, thanks to official SNK licensing, it comes pre-loaded with 20 Neo Geo titles — North American versions, no less — including classics like Metal Slug, Fatal Fury Special, Sengoku, King of the Monsters, Magician Lord and more. Famicom Plaza provided no details as to when or where the device will be released.


That's assuming the product is real at all, of course. The select button above is labeled "menu" in a different picture, for example, which seems a bit odd. We've contacted SNK to confirm the device's existence.