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Twitter’s promoted tweets come to Google

Google has agreed to give Twitter’s “Promoted Tweets” as top results on its real-time search results page, scoring Twitter some of the most prime advertising real estate on the Internet.

Twitter allows businesses to purchase ads in the form of tweets that show up at the top of search results for a given topic. Those ads will also now appear in Google search results for that topic. The companies will share revenue from clicks on those ads, Sullivan confirmed with Google, although the nature of the split wasn’t disclosed.

However – for now at least – Promoted Tweets will show only above results displayed on Google’s real-time search page, which can be accessed by clicking on the “Updates” tab on the left-hand side of a regular search-results page. Still, even that page draws a fair amount of attention. Google confirmed to Sullivan that this was the first time it has ever allowed a third-party ad network to place ads on Google’s own pages, although it didn’t rule out developing its own ad product for real-time search.

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