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[Blog Talk] Do too many WordPress Plugins add pointless Dashboard widgets?

I regularly find myself installing new WordPress Plugins. Not just for Technically Motivated, in order to increase functionality, combat spam and downtime, or to replace functions that haven’t met up to scratch; but also for other blogs ran by friends and colleagues, to suit their own needs. Though most plugins for WordPress just get on with the functions they were designed to give and are generally unobtrusive, very occasionally you come across a plugin that adds some other feature that wasn’t indicated to you before installation; but you can’t help noticing once you know it’s there.

One of the common “features” some plugins include but fail to mention are Dashboard widgets. These are little boxes on the first page of your administration panel (known in WordPress as the Dashboard, hence the name) which the developer included with the plugin as a “convenience”, or to promote other works by them. For example, Read the rest of this entry »