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CCleaner v3.0 Released – Includes Secure Drive Wiping and tons of improvements

Piriform Ltd has today released a brand new version of their popular Windows-only maintenance tool, CCleaner, bringing a bunch of big changes with the same user-friendly interface.

CCleaner 3.0 with the "Cleaner" function currently in use

A screenshot of the new CCleaner in use. Here, the user has just opened the "Cleaner" and ran a full Analysis. (Click to be taken to the Piriform website for full size and more screenshots)

Most notable among the changes are the new 64-bit native EXE designed for those of you running 64-bit versions of Windows, as well as a new Drive Wiper tool that safely and securely erases your hard drive. They’ve also improved IE9 and Google Chrome support, as well as added improvements to HTML5 database cleaning for all those modern web apps. It also sports a pretty neat feature that intelligently decides which cookies you probably want to keep (singling out sites like Google, Yahoo, and others) so you don’t erase useful information on your machine that eases web browsing.

In addition to the new features, it’s also added support for a few popular applications, like AVG Antivirus, Audacity, LogMeIn, Hamachi, BitTorrent, and others. For the full list of changes, check out the version history page.

CCleaner 3.0 is a free download for Windows machines only. You can find out more about the product, and download it from the official website.

Thanks to Piriform’s Official Blog for the news!

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