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RuneScape finally implements proper Clan support in game

Clans and Guilds are a very commonly seen concept around multiplayer online games. The idea of having defined groups of people who all work together as a team under one name, work towards common goals and enjoy conducting events together is very much in tune with what multiplayer games are supposed to be all about; and when there are several guilds in the game, competition with each other just adds another level to the fun. It is no surprise, therefore, that many MMO games have over the years added official support for forming clans and guilds into their games, many even adding content specifically tailored to take advantage of them – like group quests, guild-on-guild PvP, minigames and so on.

RuneScape is one MMO that’s been rather a late addition to the party. Despite being designed from the start to big up the multiplayer aspect of MMOs, the original RuneScape – nowadays referred to as RuneScape Classic – had no clan support at all and lacked any real group-orientated content. The existence of clans in the game was only given minimal acknowledgement through a section on the Forums dedicated to guild threads. RuneScape 2, which soon replaced RuneScape Classic and took its name, improved matters by adding group-orientated quests and multiplayer minigames, but still only went so far. In recent weeks, however, RuneScape has seen a large shift in the game’s development with the “Dungeons of Daemonheim” plot line. As well as improving graphics, shaking up battle dynamics and rewriting how battle statistics are calculated, RuneScape finally has shown an increased commitment to giving guilds and clans a proper role in the game, adding the ability to “register” your clan in-game and then join or create it, after which you will then join a special chat channel only usable by you and other members of your clan.

Now, today, RuneScape has FINALLY added full and proper support for clans into its game. In a recent update, the developers of JAGeX Read the rest of this entry »