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Sega to launch own 3D Classics line

Sonic posing in front of the SEGA logo (Copyright SEGA).Revealed by Satoru Shibata in a Nintendo Direct conference today, Sega has announced it's to launch its own 3D Classics line in the UK on 3DS eShop, in the same spirit as Nintendo's own 3D Classics.

Sega have stated that in the coming weeks, a line of classic Sega Games will be released to the UK 3DS eShop under a 3D Classics heading; the intention of which, so they state, is to "like Nintendo's own 3D Classics range, enhance the original games with all-new 3D visuals".



Will Sega’s "3D Classics” logo resemble Nintendo’s own? Only time will tell…

Planned games for the initial wave of Sega 3D Classics are listed as Sonic The Hedgehog, Altered Beast, Ecco the Dolphin, Galaxy Force, Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master, Space Harrier, Streets of Rage, and Super Hang-On. According to sources, the games will be based on their original Arcade or Mega Drive releases, whichever is appropriate, in order to guarantee each 3D update provides the maximum game-play length and features of each game where multiple versions may have existed.

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    New Eeveelution confirmed to be coming in Pokémon X and Y this October

    Thanks to Sanitarium.FM for the tip-off!

    After many rumours and a picture in CoroCoro magazine, Nintendo officially revealed today the presence of a brand new Eeveelution which will be introduced to Pokémon in the upcoming sixth-Generation games, Pokémon X and Y, this October.

    Art of Sylveon by Ken Sugimori from Pokémon X and Y

    Art of Sylveon by Ken Sugimori from Pokémon X and Y

    The new Pokémon, whose original Japanese name is Ninfia but has now been given the name Sylveon in English, Spanish and French, was revealed today in a 30-second trailer giving a rotating view of the character and showing off some of its attacks. Though little has been revealed of the Pokémon otherwise, we are aware of its vital statistics: Sylveon stands at 1.0 m (3’03”) high and weighs 23.5 kg, making it the lightest Eeveelution to date.

    Here’s the official video of it in action:


    Sylveon’s typing and evolution method is yet to be revealed. We will have more information as soon as it’s disclosed!

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    Pokemon X and Y Coming in October

    Originally Posted at Sanitarium.FM

    Pokemon X and Y

    Worldwide simultaneous release for the first ever 3D Pokemon games, coming to the 3DS in October.

    Nintendo has just announced Pokemon X and Y, two brand-new entries in the main Pokemon series coming to 3DS worldwide in October.

    These are the first ever 3D entries in the main Pokemon series, built around the features of the 3DS hardware. A short video of the game was shown in a Nintendo Direct broadcast today, showing off three new starter Pokemon, colourful 3D environments and some old favourite monsters rendered in 3D.

    The three new starter Pokemon are grass-type chipmunk-with-a-hat Chespin, fire-type foxy Fennekin and water-type frog-thing Froakie. This is massively exciting for anyone into Pokemon – we’ve been waiting fifteen years for a real 3D Pokemon adventure.

    Iwata also announced that Pokemon X and Y will be coming to gamers worldwide at the same time – October 2013 – dispensing with the long localisation times that have traditionally gone hand-in-hand with the series.


    Happy 25th Anniversary to Mega Man and Street Fighter!

    Mega Man 25th Anniversary If you ever get to know me for even five minutes, you will quickly learn about my passion for retro gaming and the tastes I have in old-skool games. For the rest of you, I’m going to share a huge secret: I am FANATICAL about Mega Man. Though I am too young to have owned a NES, ever since playing an old Game Boy version of Mega Man I was hooked onto the Blue Bomber; and over the course of this century I’ve collected many of the old games and played them to death – I’ve beaten the very first game more times than I can count now; and just this week I beat Mega Man 10’s normal difficulty in less than two hours. So when I heard 2012 and 2013 mark the 25th Anniversary of Mega Man, I was celebrating. So was Capcom, owners of the franchise, who just today announced that Six new Mega Man shirts are coming to the Capcom Store; AND that Mega Man and the Robot Masters will come to the Xbox 360 as Avatars. (Oh; and for North Americans, Mega Man 1 through 6 coming to 3DS eShop – but this is old news to Eurasian gamers :P)

    Street Fighter 25th AnniversaryAs it turns out though, there’s more than one cake to be shared this year, as this same period also sees the 25th Anniversary of Street Fighter. As someone who grew up with the more “realistic” fighting of Tekken, Street Fighter is not a franchise I’m overly familiar with, but its cast of quirky characters and over-the-top special moves are something that simply can’t be ignored. So from Technically Motivated, we wish a Happy Anniversary to these two excellent Capcom franchises.

    So what happens when two game franchises celebrate their birthday at the same time? You make a crossover, of course! In a surprise turn of events, what started as a quirky fan-game has turned into an official Capcom-published FREE PC Download. Street Fighter X Mega Man brings a new twist to classic retro Mega Man game play, using Street Fighter characters for enemies and basing levels around classic Street Fighter stages while mixing in the original 8-bit style platforming and Mega Man 4-style controls, to create an interesting combination that faithfully recreates the NES-era memories while also remaining fresh. It also has a great soundtrack, with 8-bit remixes of classic Street Fighter tunes combining with the best elements of original Mega Man tunes to create one awesome combination – and the soundtrack has even been released as a free download, too (though donations are encouraged).

    Wow, what a party…


    First downloadable retail 3DS games hitting eStore this week – double points for downloading quickly, but is the price worth it?

    With the Wii U, Nintendo announced its plans to deliver games to players in two ways and let them decide which they prefer – either buying retail games traditionally through stores, or downloading them directly from the Nintendo eStore. Nintendo shortly plan to bring "full game downloads" to the 3DS; and the first three games have now been announced.

    From this week, Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL owners will be able to download Nintendo's own games from the 3DS eShop as well as buy them in the shops. The first three titles to be made available in this way are New Super Mario Bros. 2, Freakyforms Deluxe and New Art Academy. As a special incentive to encourage people to download the games rather than purchasing them in stores, Club Nintendo members who download the games within the first four weeks of release will earn double the typical number of stars for their purchase – 500 Stars instead of the usual 250 for high-price games – to save up or spend on Club Nintendo-exclusive merchandise.

    While you may expect that the availability of three major Nintendo-published titles as downloads, with a bonus for loyal Nintendo fans would get many people excited, in reality a key section of the announcement has caused a huge amount of outrage for a large amount of Nintendo's fan-base, who claim the downloads are horrendously overpriced. In particular, European customers have to pay £39.99 to download New Super Mario Bros 2 from the 3DS eShop – which many point out is £10 more than what many retailers are charging for boxed copies. In addition, those who preorder the game from GAME or GameStation stores earn a free coin case as a preorder bonus. Meanwhile, the 500 Stars offered for the download copies of New Super Mario Bros 2 is stingy by comparison – on its own, 500 Stars is redeemable for only basic goodies; such as ringtones (up to 350 stars each), backgrounds (50 each), folder binders (new, 400 each) or 100 Nintendo Points for the Wii or DSi Shop channels (400 each).

    Brill Baddies Set of Two Folders

    Is this really worth paying £10 more for?
    (Image courtesy: Club Nintendo EU Stars Catalogue)

    It should be noted that overpriced download copies of games is sadly nothing new – popular PC-based online game distributors Steam and Origin have both been under fire many times for overpricing the games they offer via their systems (although Steam, to its credit, regularly does deals on its games allowing them to be downloaded at much lower prices and is just as well known for its amazing discounts); and both (but more so Origin) have also been criticised for being over-restrictive on how downloaded games can be used and shared. Also the PS3 and Xbox 360 have themselves had online stores much longer than Nintendo and are incredibly familiar with how people feel about downloaded games compared to purchased ones. Even so, it's disappointing to see Nintendo follow this trend when the company is so reputable for its innovations and its constant desire to be different and fun. Hopefully they learn much from the feedback they get over the coming months.

    What are YOUR views on 3DS game downloads? Please share your feelings in the comments!


    Darkrai character distribution event will give your opponents nightmares!

    Cross-posted at The Sanitarium.FM – Gamer Radio For Serious Gamers and Tech Heads!



    Special Character Distribution Launches with New Pokémon TCG Expansion, Online Showing of ‘The Rise of Darkrai’

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    Confirmed: Nintendo announce 2012 Wii U Release, Nintendo Network

    Nintendo confirms new console will launch this year, controller gets NFC function

    In its Third Quarter financial results briefing, Nintendo has revealed new details about its plans for the upcoming next-generation console, the Wii U.
    It has been confirmed the company is planning to showcase the final format and discuss the details of the new hardware at E3 2012, which will be held in Los Angeles in June this year. Nintendo can confirm that they will launch the Wii U in Japan, the U.S., Europe and Australia in time for the year-end sales season.
    "For the launch of new hardware, it is, of course, regarded as a sort of requisite not to miss the critical year-end sales season. The company is aiming to firmly complete the development of the entire system and prepare sufficient software so that the Wii U will be at its best at the time of the launch. Needless to say, we have learned a bitter lesson from the launch of the Nintendo 3DS," -Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo.

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    Nintendo Selects series gets more games

    Following the apparent success of Nintendo’s recent “Nintendo Selects” series – classic Wii games considered as shining examples of the console’s best, given a reduced price and brand new red-and-gold packaging to make them feel extra special – Nintendo has announced the addition of new games to the series.

    Originally launched on May 20 in Europe, the Nintendo Selects series of four classic Wii Games – WarioWare: Smooth Moves, Mario Strikers Charged Football, Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City, and Wii Sports – will on September 16 have two more games added to this repertoire – Super Mario Galaxy and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. This makes six games in Europe now given the honour of being considered Nintendo’s “Gold-Standard” Wii Games.

    North American players get a slightly different and larger list of titles, with the four Nintendo Select titles of Mario Super Sluggers, Animal Crossing: City Folk, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Wii Sports being joined on August 28 with a further four titles: Punch-Out!!, Mario Strikers Charged, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Paper Mario.

    The new entries to the regional line-ups makes WarioWare: Smooth Moves the only of the six European Nintendo Selects games to remain exclusive to Europe so far; while Americans get Mario Super Sluggers, Punch-Out!! and Super Paper Mario to themselves until at least next time around. What a gyp, huh? Still, what’s your take on the new entries to Nintendo’s “Select” list?


    Confirmed: Nintendo announces working on Wii 2 console

    Confirming a continuous glut of rumours spread over the past two weeks or more, Nintendo has announced it is indeed working on a new version of its popular Nintendo Wii console, which will be previewed at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles in June.

    The original Wii proved a runaway hit for Nintendo when it launched five years ago. However, sales have been gradually declining in the face of tough competition from PlayStation, XBox 360 and mobile gaming platforms.

    Wii was the first console of the current generation to offer motion controlled gameplay. However, in the past year, Microsoft has introduced its Kinect system for XBox, while Sony launched PlayStation Move. It has long been speculated that Nintendo may try to improve on the console in the near future to continue their trend of gaming innovation – and Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s Chief Executive, suggested that his company was preparing to do just that. Read the rest of this entry »


    Got Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver? Don’t miss your chance to download Mew this fortnight!

    Awesome news for Pokémon fans in UK and America – it has been announced that a rare Mew is available for download for Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver in these areas this fortnight!

    From 15 October until 30 October, the rare Pokémon will be ready for download via Wi-Fi Connection – to get it, select the Mystery Gift option on your game’s Main Menu and select “Get via Wi-Fi Connection”, and follow the instructions. You will not be able to download it if you already have three Wonder Cards (though you can always discard one – but be warned that if you discard a Wonder Card, you cannot get the gift it came with back if you lose it); and you must have played far enough into the game to have the Pokédex – but surely EVERYONE has by now?

    This Mew is a Level Read the rest of this entry »

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