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Happy 25th Anniversary to Mega Man and Street Fighter!

Mega Man 25th Anniversary If you ever get to know me for even five minutes, you will quickly learn about my passion for retro gaming and the tastes I have in old-skool games. For the rest of you, I’m going to share a huge secret: I am FANATICAL about Mega Man. Though I am too young to have owned a NES, ever since playing an old Game Boy version of Mega Man I was hooked onto the Blue Bomber; and over the course of this century I’ve collected many of the old games and played them to death – I’ve beaten the very first game more times than I can count now; and just this week I beat Mega Man 10’s normal difficulty in less than two hours. So when I heard 2012 and 2013 mark the 25th Anniversary of Mega Man, I was celebrating. So was Capcom, owners of the franchise, who just today announced that Six new Mega Man shirts are coming to the Capcom Store; AND that Mega Man and the Robot Masters will come to the Xbox 360 as Avatars. (Oh; and for North Americans, Mega Man 1 through 6 coming to 3DS eShop – but this is old news to Eurasian gamers :P)

Street Fighter 25th AnniversaryAs it turns out though, there’s more than one cake to be shared this year, as this same period also sees the 25th Anniversary of Street Fighter. As someone who grew up with the more “realistic” fighting of Tekken, Street Fighter is not a franchise I’m overly familiar with, but its cast of quirky characters and over-the-top special moves are something that simply can’t be ignored. So from Technically Motivated, we wish a Happy Anniversary to these two excellent Capcom franchises.

So what happens when two game franchises celebrate their birthday at the same time? You make a crossover, of course! In a surprise turn of events, what started as a quirky fan-game has turned into an official Capcom-published FREE PC Download. Street Fighter X Mega Man brings a new twist to classic retro Mega Man game play, using Street Fighter characters for enemies and basing levels around classic Street Fighter stages while mixing in the original 8-bit style platforming and Mega Man 4-style controls, to create an interesting combination that faithfully recreates the NES-era memories while also remaining fresh. It also has a great soundtrack, with 8-bit remixes of classic Street Fighter tunes combining with the best elements of original Mega Man tunes to create one awesome combination – and the soundtrack has even been released as a free download, too (though donations are encouraged).

Wow, what a party…