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[Review] Clean and Optimize Your Mac with Free MacClean 2

DISCLAIMER: The following guest post was written by one or more authors who work for or have affiliations with iMobie, Inc – who are the developers of MacClean 2. While Technically Motivated has taken steps to ensure facts represented in the article are accurate, we take no responsibility for any claims written herein. Furthermore, as Technically Motivated does not engage in any sponsorship activities, the following article should not be seen as an endorsement of MacClean 2 or any other products.

Apple has historically claimed that Macs don’t need any cleaning or maintenance unlike Windows-based computers, and you can easily clean out anything unneeded from your Mac manually. However, it takes time and energy. Plus there will always be files left behind, such as the leftovers after you uninstall an application. MacClean 2, a free & intelligent Mac cleaning tool makes it easy and smart to optimize your Mac performance.

MacClean Main Features

MacClean 2 updates the previous cleaning and combines a bunch of utilities into a single program. It focuses on removing unneeded files and maintaining peak performance for your Mac. MacClean 2 is divided into two sections: “Smart Clean” and “Utilities”. Here’s a quick compendium of each section.

Smart Clean:

You’d be surprised at how many junk files are stored in your Mac and how much better your Mac will perform afterwards by performing the Smart Clean. It helps clean out a variety of space-consuming junk files like Internet Junk, User Junk, System Junk, Development Junk, Trash Bin, and Application Junk. It will definitely speed up the Mac after eliminating a myriad of junk files.

MacClean Smart Clean Overview

MacClean Smart Clean Overview

  • Internet Junk – Remove cache, cookies, web browsing history, download history, browsing sessions, site preferences and more from Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

  • User Junk – Delete user cache files, user log files, user setting preference, and iOS photo caches to make more room for Mac.

  • System Junk – Clean out system cache files, system log files, and system preferences generated by the Mac operating system.

  • Development Junk – Clear the development junk files generated during the app installation or debugging process.

  • Trash Bin – Remove the junk files from both your internal and external hard drives.

  • Application Junk – Locate and delete the app leftovers after you uninstall an app as well as the incompatible applications on your Mac.



MacClean 2 comes with a wealth of OS X utilities that can help maintain the system. The 9 utilities on offer include: old & large files finder, duplicates finder, file eraser, iPhoto clean, language clean, binary junk remover, app uninstaller, extension manager and trash sweeper.

MacClean Utilities Overview

MacClean Utilities Overview

  • Old & Large Files – Locates both the large and old files that haven’t been opened for a long time in a specified folder.

  • Duplicates Finder – Helps find duplicate files including documents, pictures, music, movies, etc.

  • File Eraser – Offers you three standards to safely erase unwanted files from Mac to protect your privacy.

  • iPhoto Clean – Clean up your iPhoto Library by eliminating unneeded copies of previously edited images.

  • Language File Clean – Easily remove the unnecessary language files of the multilingual applications on your Mac.

  • Binary Junk Remover – Reduce app size and boost performance by removing unnecessary binaries.

  • App Uninstaller – Uninstall apps without leaving any associated data and files.

  • Extension Manager – View, allow, stop, and remove any plugins and extensions on Mac.

  • Trash Sweeper – Allows you to completely and safely delete Trash files from your Mac.


If you are not an advanced Mac user and don’t know how to manually optimize your Mac performance, or you want to save some time, this free & all-around system maintenance utility MacClean is what you need. You’ll definitely free up some storage space on your Mac and even boost the Mac speed in no time.