Fresh Off The Block


The Document Foundation offers a preview of future product and technology developments

The following is a press report published on behalf of The Document Foundation by Florian Effenberger to announce future plans for the foundation. This report has been approved for public distribution.

Note: In the below press release, any reference to OOo refers to OpenOffice, the open-source office software LibreOffice is based on. Since OpenOffice is now a trademark of Oracle, inc. and the rights have not yet been donated back to the project, The Document Foundation are legally obliged not to use the full name.

The Internet, November 9, 2010 – “The Document Foundation is about documents and the associated software is pivotal to create, exchange, modify, share and print documents”, says Thorsten Behrens, a software developer and a member of TDF Steering Committee. “LibreOffice 3.3 is the first flavour of this long term strategy, but the journey has just begun, and the enormous advantages of our developer-embracing environment are not yet fully reflected in the upcoming software release”.

LibreOffice 3.3 is based on OOo 3.3, with code optimisations and many new features, which are going to offer a first preview of the new development directions for 2011 and beyond. TDF founders foresee a completely different future for the office suite paradigm, which – in the actual format – is over 20 years old, to be based on the document (where the software is a layer for the creation or the presentation of the contents).

TDF developers are working full steam at improving the overall quality of OOo code, which is a good starting point, and making easy testability of the code and quality assurance a priority. This is an area where new developers and code hackers, whose number has grown to over 90 in just a month, are instrumental for the bulk of the activity. Continue Reading »