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Xbox Kinect’s Game Launch Lineup Revealed

If you are a keen gamer who keeps up with all the latest news, or you’re a Tech Bod who likes to know what Microsoft is up to next, you’ve probably heard of their soon-to-be-released latest innovation for the XBox, the Kinect. For those who haven’t, Kinect is a controller-free gaming system that aims to remove the need for any type of physical controller in games, and instead use your own body as the controller, through the medium of motion detection.

Kinect is due to be released on November 4, but it’s no use without games for the device as well, right? Which is why Microsoft has just announced the list of games for the device that will be released at the same time, to give gamers a choice of games to use the device with as soon as they get it. 17 Kinect-enabled games will be available when the device makes its début, and here’s the full list:

  • Kinect Adventures: This is the game that is included with every Kinect device. It helps introduce gamers to the Kinect interface, letting them transverse the rapids, float around in space and challenge their friends to races, among other mini-games.
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