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10 GMail labs projects you really should use – and one that’s just for fun :)

One of the cool things about Gmail is that it is incredibly extensible. This is especially true if you turn on support for Labs features. GMail Labs is a huge set of experimental features you can enable to add new functionality to your regular online email service. For example, you can easily translate emails, you can optimize Gmail for the wide-screen, get a preview of what’s in your box before it even loads, and much more!

Here’s a couple of GMail Labs projects that I personally use, which I feel deserve a wider look from every user of GMail or Google Mail. Since some GMail Labs projects are specific to certain countries, I have tried to go only for ones I believe are both available and serve a useful role to global GMail users.

1. Undo Send

Have you ever sent an email to someone, that you instantly regretted? Save yourself the pain and undo the send! Although it won’t actually delete already-sent emails off other people’s accounts, Undo Send will keep every email you send un-sent for up to half a minute – allowing you enough of a grace period to cancel it if you instantly regret it.

After enabling the feature and sending an email, you’ll be told that the message has been sent–and that you can cancel it. Note that by default, the grace period is only five seconds, but you can increase it to a maximum of thirty in the usual Settings page after enabling the feature.

Message: "Your Message has been sent. Undo - View Message" Continue reading to see the rest of the bunch!