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Fox News FAIL: Google “Easter Egg” claimed to be disabled was never official Google code

Heard about the “Let it Snow” Easter Egg added to Google’s Search Engine by Google earlier this week? Yes, I bet you have – ever since Google casually made reference to it on Twitter, news agencies across America and Europe have been pouncing on the news like cats on mice – in fact, if Google’s own metrics are to be believed, there are more than 175 unique news articles about it alone across the internet. Unfortunately, as is often the case with mass media, when a news agency knows a story is going global and wants to differentiate its take on the story from others, invariably somewhere along the line misinformation will slip in.

Chalk one up to Fox News for just this reason. In their take on the news – credited to News Corp’s Australian Print (and keep in mind News Corp. is owned by Fox) – Fox News decided to also print examples of other famous Google Easter Eggs to show that the company has a fun streak to them. This list includes the famous “Chuck Norris” joke, described by them thus: Read the rest of this entry »

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