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Technically Motivated has completed its transition to its brand new high-performance server. If you are reading this post, you are now reaching us from our new home.

The increased performance of our new server means that web pages should now load faster, and new comments, Forum Posts and so on should submit quicker than before. Updated back-end software should also enable us to enhance the site more than ever before in the future. For now though, you can just continue to enjoy the same old TM you’ve come to love, just in a faster and better-performing package 🙂

Unfortunately, we do have some bad news to report. In the process of moving over to our new server, our previous email inbox, which is actually hosted separately by our hosting provider, was not transferred. While we have subsequently set up the email address again and you will once again be able to continue to communicate with us via the on-site contact form or directly at webmaster[at]technicallymotivated[dot]com, unfortunately any previous email correspondence from prior to the server move has been lost. We humbly apologise for this inconvenience and will strive to recover whatever we can.

Thanks for everyone’s patience during the server move and subsequent downtime; and I hope you will continue to enjoy being a part of Technically Motivated – the Technology Blog for everyone. Our Motivation Is Highlighting Tech Innovation.

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    Worldwide Downtime for GMail and Google+, instability continues for some

    Only an hour ago, users in Europe, the U.S., Canada, India and beyond all reported suddenly being unable to access their GMail (or Google Mail) accounts in what appeared to be a widespread outage. Google’s App Status Dashboard was originally unaware of the issue, but at around 7:20pm GMT the service updated to show downtime for GMail and Google+, though further details of the downtime are still unknown.

    The error being seen by most users at the moment is a 500 Internal Server Error. These errors, as the name suggests, always tend to be a minor issue on the server (in this case, Google’s) – although it says nothing about what the problem actually is – and are usually temporary. Judging by the response on Twitter, however, the problem is currently affecting a huge number of users both on GMail and Google+. The latter also affects Youtube Comment boxes under the new system now in force there, which means those aren’t loading at all on videos, as well as Hangouts across the web and mobile. GMail users report their issue affects not just web access, but also other clients trying to download GMail via both POP and IMAP.

    As of an update released just before this article published here on S.FM, many users state their services have returned; though others still state they are unable to get in; and those who HAVE gotten access to their email back are continuing to report intermittent problems. Nevertheless, it looks likely all issues will be resolved shortly; and we await Google’s response on what happened if any is delivered.


    New Features and Updates now live on Technically Motivated

    Technically Motivated was down for an extended period from Friday to Sunday to perform major site maintenance. During this time, as well as fixing the issues myself and many readers had come to notice throughout the site, I also worked on and tested many new features and enhancements for the blog, which I’m pleased to announce are now live. Read the rest of this entry »


    Microsoft ‘sorry’ as Hotmail bug hits over 17,000

    Corporate vice president for Windows Live Chris Jones blogged on Monday that 17,355 Windows Live Hotmail accounts had lost all their email messages during the course of what he called “mailbox load balancing between servers.”

    Now Microsoft appear to have fixed the issue, and apologised for it – but there’s still no explanation why it happened in the first place.

    In case you haven’t heard, thousands of Hotmail user’s Inboxes and folders starting emptying on December 30, with accounts appearing to be new and people receiving a “Welcome to Hotmail” email from Microsoft. Some affected accounts went back 10 years.

    Some users took to Hotmail forums, pleading for Microsoft to restore their cherished accounts; while others took to Facebook, launching a group to share their anguish and frustration with world+dog.

    Jones responded on Monday to say that Microsoft had identified the problem by the evening of January 2 and that it had restored accounts – two days after messages went AWOL. He continued that Microsoft was sorry for the inconvenience to customers and partners.

    “As with all incidents like this, we will fully investigate the cause and will take steps to prevent this from happening again,” Jones said, without explaining how or why something as rudimentary as server load balancing should cause data to simply disappear.

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    ‘Tis the season for gifting – so enjoy a fresh new look and new features!

    It’s the night before Christmas, and everyone is eagerly awaiting the next 24 hours to find out what gifts they’re going to get. But here in Technically Motivated, we don’t wait to give gifts out – so here’s my little present for all our readers!

    I have just completed a slight overhaul of the Technically Motivated website, and the results of it are in front of you right now. So what’s changed? Well, as you may have noticed, we have a slightly redesigned theme for the website. The new look, made by the same guys who did our old “proSlate” theme, is wider and gives us more space to work with; and it has a much larger and clearer menu bar. I also feel that it’s a lot sleeker. But the best thing is that this new theme properly resizes on smaller screens, so the old and oft-reported glitch we had over the past few months (where many complained that the left-side of the website was getting cut off) is a thing of the past!

    At this point, I feel I must make an apology. I had actually installed the new skin a while back, and started setting it up two days ago. Yesterday it was officially enabled, and I assumed it would be a simple plug-and-play affair like most WordPress themes. However, it seemed the new theme didn’t play nice with some add-ons and design modifications I’d made to the site in previous weeks, and the site broke a little after I switched on the new look. So I had to take the site down for a period of more than 24 hours in order to find where the problems lie, and quickly fix them up. I had all the problems fixed by the time the site came up earlier today, and the new theme just went live, so sorry for the downtime!

    In other news, I’ve started taking a look at opening up Technically Motivated to an international audience in order to attract attention to the blog worldwide. However, I came to the realisation lately that since this is a strictly English-speaking Tech Blog, and I personally am not fluent in other languages, my audience is right now limited to those who understand English – about 10% of the Global Population – and if I am to open this blog up to other cultures, I need a way to translate the blog easily and effortlessly, but also one where I can be confident in an accurate translation. So, right now, I am testing a few Translation Filter add-ons for the Blog.

    I’ve just put one such filter live on the site, and everyone is welcome to try it out. Called Transposh, this filter allows instant on-demand translation of every part of the site in different languages, and will automatically translate new posts using Google or Bing Translate. However, users can also help by manually helping to translate each post into whatever language you desire, and those translations will be saved and used next time someone switches language, helping to increase the accuracy. Currently, you can translate the site into Finnish and Spanish (as well as stick with the default British English, of course); I will add more when I feel the current ones have been tested enough.

    I also went through the site last night and found a few broken links here and there – some pages were linking to pages that have since been moved, or were linking to an older site – oops! – so these have all been fixed now. Obviously, if you see a problem with the site in any regard that I appear to have missed, do please contact me about it.

    Have a very merry Christmas, everyone!

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    Forum is back up

    The forums were temporarily down earlier today to address a security concern, and install a much-needed update to the software. They are now back up and fully up to date. Thanks for people’s patience!

    In other news, we’ve noticed lately that there has been some load on our servers lately, causing occasional slowness. If the site is appearing to go slow for you, just try waiting a little longer, or come back later when thins may have calmed down. If you are finding the site is too slow or not working for an extra long time, please check your connection, and then if the problem continues, please try to contact me using the Contact Form whenever you are finally able.

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