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USB Safely Remove becomes Zentimo!

Note: I have not personally reviewed Zentimo, so this article should not be taken as an endorsement of the product, and I am unable to offer any support to Zentimo users.

Update: This software was previously made available as a limited-time Freebie, but the promotion has now expired. The article has been updated accordingly.

If you’re a guy who uses USB Flash Drives, USB Hard Drives, SD Card readers or other removable media, you’ve probably already heard of USB Safely Remove, possibly the most well-known USB device manager software. If you DIDN’T know about it, USB Safely Remove was a program designed to help you manage USB devices better, by showing you what was ACTUALLY plugged in instead of the different hardware it uses (unlike Windows itself), and allowing you to remove them safely or find out exactly what is stopping them from being removed from the computer safely, as well as many other features.

USB Safely Remove has been abandoned by the developer, but a new software has now been released that is to be its successor. Called Zentimo, this new program does everything USB Safely Remove did, and adds new features of its own to turn it into a full Removable Device management program. In fact, here’s the full list of features in Zentimo, as per the developer: Read the rest of this entry »

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