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Make file, partition or whole system backups with Aomei Data Backuper – try the beta for a chance to get goodies!

Making backups of important data stored on your computer (or media attached to it) is always very important – if something happens to your technology and you can’t use it any more, can you afford to lose what you had stored on it? The importance of ensuring you’re prepared for any failure – and thus never regret not having a copy when the worst happens – is one of the reasons why software to automate and/or simplify the process of making backups is such a large industry, with tons of different tools on the market.

Regular partner of Technically Motivated, Aomei Technology, have for a while now been establishing a reputation for affordable, well-built disk management tools for Windows computers that offer a nice alternative to common favourites like Paragon and EASEUS. Most of these tools have so far been focused towards converting one drive’s File System to another; or resizing, rearranging and moving partitions – but with recent versions of the latter tool, Aomei Partition Assistant, offering the ability to copy whole partitions, the tool has taken a slight curve to being useful for backups as well. So perhaps it was just a matter of time before Aomei released a backup tool of their own.

Aomei Data Backuper is a brand new tool from Aomei that’s specifically designed for backing up the data on your computer and keeping it safe for if you ever lose files later on. As well as backing up the contents of individual folders, however, Data Backuper can also backup entire partitions or make a copy of the entire system; and does plenty more besides:

Main Features:
  • System Backup and Restore
  • Disk Backup and Restore
  • Partition/Volume Backup and Restore
  • Disk Clone
  • Partition and Volume Clone
More Features:
  • Create Bootable Rescue Media
  • Incremental & differential backups
  • Image file checker and explorer

Aomei Data Backuper is soon to be launched as a commercial product, but in order to ensure it’s working well and to get feedback from potential customers, the company has released a free Beta of the product for everyone to try. As a special incentive, Aomei will give 100 randomly selected beta testers a Christmas gift of either the fullAOMEI Data Backuper Pro Edition when the final product is released; or their popular disk partition manager, AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition. This promotion and the beta software runs until December 20th and is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers. So if you need a good-looking, functional backup tool and want the chance for an early Christmas gift, don’t miss out!

Aomei Data Backuper Home page

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    EDIT: This Giveaway Promotion has now expired. Using the link supplied below will now simply lead to an unregistered Trial Version of the software. Make sure you subscribe to Technically Motivated so you don’t miss being notified about any future giveaways!

    Until Friday, 22 October, software distributor website – popular among millions of internet users for offering fast download links to a large number of popular software products from various companies – are giving away a fully-licensed copy of EASEUS Partition Master Professional Edition (normally priced at USD $39.95) for free!

    EASEUS Partition Master Professional Edition is an all-in-one partition solution and disk management utility. It allows you to divide up your hard drive(s) into separate partitions, each of which can then be used independently; and then manage those partitions. Really, if that doesn’t make any sense to you, then you should probably read in to what partitioning is all about before you risk using programs like these. For those who ARE familiar, though, EASEUS offers some of the best tools for managing partitions, perhaps only just behind Paragon’s products (although I have a real love for Paragon products so I may be slightly biased here). The features of EASEUS Partition Manager include, among others: Partition Manager; Disk & Partition Copy Wizard; Partition Recovery Wizard; and the ability to create a boot-able CD/DVD in case of system boot failure.

    To take advantage of this great freebie, you have to visit the promotional download page before Friday. Once there, click on one of the three download links to begin downloading the program, then follow the instructions in the download. Enjoy!

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