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Zelda Fan Builds Chest That Plays Chest Opening Tune

Now this is awesome! Every Nintendo fan worth his salt knows the Zelda “what’s in the chest” tune, and if you’re like me, simply hearing that tune gets you all excited, because it always gives you the feeling that something good is about to happen to you.

Maybe you’ve wondered why opening real chests doesn’t give that same sort of excitement? Maybe you’d like the same “something good” feeling in real life? Well, sculptor Zachariah Perry Cruse understood that Pavlovian feeling and built a real life chest that, when opened, plays the tune. Being the good guy that he is, Cruse posted instructions so anyone could go ahead and build their own Pavlovian box that will provide an immediate uplift in spirits, because, you know, you’re about to get the Hookshot or compass, but in real life.

Cruse used plywood to build the chest, poster board and nails to get the details down, painted the chest with wood stain, used a sharpie to pen in the details and used glue to hold the box together. Opening the chest’s lid triggers a switch connected to the MP3 player that plays the tune, and he suggests the tune be the only MP3 on the player in order to avoid other songs playing whenever the chest is opened.

If you’d like to see it for yourself, and/or read the instructions on how to make it, check out this post on the Instructables website. If you’ve tried it already, or want to, why not leave a comment here to tell us what you think?