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Happy 25th Anniversary to Mega Man and Street Fighter!

Mega Man 25th Anniversary If you ever get to know me for even five minutes, you will quickly learn about my passion for retro gaming and the tastes I have in old-skool games. For the rest of you, I’m going to share a huge secret: I am FANATICAL about Mega Man. Though I am too young to have owned a NES, ever since playing an old Game Boy version of Mega Man I was hooked onto the Blue Bomber; and over the course of this century I’ve collected many of the old games and played them to death – I’ve beaten the very first game more times than I can count now; and just this week I beat Mega Man 10’s normal difficulty in less than two hours. So when I heard 2012 and 2013 mark the 25th Anniversary of Mega Man, I was celebrating. So was Capcom, owners of the franchise, who just today announced that Six new Mega Man shirts are coming to the Capcom Store; AND that Mega Man and the Robot Masters will come to the Xbox 360 as Avatars. (Oh; and for North Americans, Mega Man 1 through 6 coming to 3DS eShop – but this is old news to Eurasian gamers :P)

Street Fighter 25th AnniversaryAs it turns out though, there’s more than one cake to be shared this year, as this same period also sees the 25th Anniversary of Street Fighter. As someone who grew up with the more “realistic” fighting of Tekken, Street Fighter is not a franchise I’m overly familiar with, but its cast of quirky characters and over-the-top special moves are something that simply can’t be ignored. So from Technically Motivated, we wish a Happy Anniversary to these two excellent Capcom franchises.

So what happens when two game franchises celebrate their birthday at the same time? You make a crossover, of course! In a surprise turn of events, what started as a quirky fan-game has turned into an official Capcom-published FREE PC Download. Street Fighter X Mega Man brings a new twist to classic retro Mega Man game play, using Street Fighter characters for enemies and basing levels around classic Street Fighter stages while mixing in the original 8-bit style platforming and Mega Man 4-style controls, to create an interesting combination that faithfully recreates the NES-era memories while also remaining fresh. It also has a great soundtrack, with 8-bit remixes of classic Street Fighter tunes combining with the best elements of original Mega Man tunes to create one awesome combination – and the soundtrack has even been released as a free download, too (though donations are encouraged).

Wow, what a party…

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    Following the apparent success of Nintendo’s recent “Nintendo Selects” series – classic Wii games considered as shining examples of the console’s best, given a reduced price and brand new red-and-gold packaging to make them feel extra special – Nintendo has announced the addition of new games to the series.

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    Now this is awesome! Every Nintendo fan worth his salt knows the Zelda “what’s in the chest” tune, and if you’re like me, simply hearing that tune gets you all excited, because it always gives you the feeling that something good is about to happen to you.

    Maybe you’ve wondered why opening real chests doesn’t give that same sort of excitement? Maybe you’d like the same “something good” feeling in real life? Well, sculptor Zachariah Perry Cruse understood that Pavlovian feeling and built a real life chest that, when opened, plays the tune. Being the good guy that he is, Cruse posted instructions so anyone could go ahead and build their own Pavlovian box that will provide an immediate uplift in spirits, because, you know, you’re about to get the Hookshot or compass, but in real life.

    Cruse used plywood to build the chest, poster board and nails to get the details down, painted the chest with wood stain, used a sharpie to pen in the details and used glue to hold the box together. Opening the chest’s lid triggers a switch connected to the MP3 player that plays the tune, and he suggests the tune be the only MP3 on the player in order to avoid other songs playing whenever the chest is opened.

    If you’d like to see it for yourself, and/or read the instructions on how to make it, check out this post on the Instructables website. If you’ve tried it already, or want to, why not leave a comment here to tell us what you think?


    PlayStation release an official iPhone and Android App; plus a Scalextric game comes to iOS!

    There’s been plenty of buzz in Tech Central, that Sony is plotting a PlayStation Android phone, which would effectively combine a PlayStation Portable with a Google Android phone. We’re still to see anything come out of those rumours, but obviously Sony hasn’t been keeping a blind eye to Smartphones – according to a post on, Sony have just released an official PlayStation App for Android and the iPhone.

    The new Playstation App needs iOS 4, or Android 1.6 or higher, to play nicely on the phone. Sadly, there’s no gaming to be hand with the app – yet. But it DOES allows you to keep track on your trophies and get the latest PS3 and PSP news direct from the source, as well as share your favourite stories and chatter with your pals via Facebook, Twitter and email.

    Meanwhile, Scalextric fans may like the recent announcement that an official Scalextric app for iPhone and iPad has just been launched as well! Just like the real thing you can build your own tracks to race around and thanks to Apple’s Game Centre you can race on other people’s tracks and set new best times.

    What do you think of the new apps?

    Digiprove sealThis informative article has been Digiproved © 2010

    Got Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver? Don’t miss your chance to download Mew this fortnight!

    Awesome news for Pokémon fans in UK and America – it has been announced that a rare Mew is available for download for Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver in these areas this fortnight!

    From 15 October until 30 October, the rare Pokémon will be ready for download via Wi-Fi Connection – to get it, select the Mystery Gift option on your game’s Main Menu and select “Get via Wi-Fi Connection”, and follow the instructions. You will not be able to download it if you already have three Wonder Cards (though you can always discard one – but be warned that if you discard a Wonder Card, you cannot get the gift it came with back if you lose it); and you must have played far enough into the game to have the Pokédex – but surely EVERYONE has by now?

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    Digiprove sealThis informative article has been Digiproved © 2010

    Ever wondered what the first Super Mario Bros. game would have been like if OTHER Nintendo characters had been the star? Here’s one idea…

    Recently I’ve been addicted to a little Flash Game I discovered while searching the net, and I thought I’d share it. The game is called Super Mario Bros. Crossover, and it’s a non-profit Fan Game that aims to answer the very question I asked in the title: What would the first Super Mario Bros. game have been like if OTHER Nintendo characters had been the star?

    SMB Crossover takes the original Super Mario Bros. game and twists it up a little. As well as Mario, you can play every level with other famous Nintendo characters like Mega Man, Samus (from Metroid), Link, Simon (from Castlevania) and many more, each of which offers a unique play style. According to the developer, SMB Crossover “exists as a tribute to classic video games and celebrates the games and characters that many of us grew up playing. It gives attention to our gaming roots and serves as a reminder that games do not have to be complicated to be fun. It is not intended to inhibit the copyright holders of the original games it is based on Read the rest of this entry »