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TheSpeedGamers Run A Pokémon Marathon For ACT Today!

Popular gaming community TheSpeedGamers, known for doing sponsored “speed-runs” of popular video games to raise money for charity or just for fun, started a marathon on June 15th 2012 to help raise money for ACT Today!, a cause supporting Autism care and treatment.

Speed-runs are a gaming tradition where you try to “master” a game in as fast a time as possible. For example, one might “speed-run” Metroid or Super Mario Bros. to reach the end of the games in the fastest time they can. Though usually done for bragging rights, communities like TheSpeedGamers have long ran sponsored speed-runs to give them a good cause.

One other popular speed-run activity is catching Pokémon – and this is what TheSpeedGamers have once again set out to do. TheSpeedGamers have a goal of catching all 646 officially recognised Pokémon across the GBA and DS Pokémon games (although there are actually 649, the remaining 3 are event-exclusive and not yewt officially revealed); and raising $50,000 or more by June 22, 2012. At the time of publication, the group had so far caught 463 Pokémon; and raised $41,483 to their goal.

The whole event is being streamed live at their website,, where there is also a live chat with which to discuss the games or just have a laugh. The event is also being streamed via YouTube at As well as helping to raise the money for ACT Today, participation in this event also gives their viewers a chance to win gaming gear and other prizes, or have art drawn for them. TheSpeedGamers are willing to do anything to get money for this charity, so long as it’s appropriate. There’s only a little more than 2 days left in this event. So don’t wait, act today!