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PlayStation release an official iPhone and Android App; plus a Scalextric game comes to iOS!

There’s been plenty of buzz in Tech Central, that Sony is plotting a PlayStation Android phone, which would effectively combine a PlayStation Portable with a Google Android phone. We’re still to see anything come out of those rumours, but obviously Sony hasn’t been keeping a blind eye to Smartphones – according to a post on, Sony have just released an official PlayStation App for Android and the iPhone.

The new Playstation App needs iOS 4, or Android 1.6 or higher, to play nicely on the phone. Sadly, there’s no gaming to be hand with the app – yet. But it DOES allows you to keep track on your trophies and get the latest PS3 and PSP news direct from the source, as well as share your favourite stories and chatter with your pals via Facebook, Twitter and email.

Meanwhile, Scalextric fans may like the recent announcement that an official Scalextric app for iPhone and iPad has just been launched as well! Just like the real thing you can build your own tracks to race around and thanks to Apple’s Game Centre you can race on other people’s tracks and set new best times.

What do you think of the new apps?

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    Rumour: Apple to redesign MacBook Air – could it get smaller?

    Apple is to hold an event today dubbed Back to the Mac, where they are expected to announce a new version of its operating system, Mac OS. However, rumours going around tech circles today have speculated this may not be the only thing announced. Apparently, whisperings have been heard lately that Apple are planning to refresh the MacBook Air, Apple’s lightest portable computer.

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    Although the general rule in the Tech world is that almost every rumour will turn out to be true if there is reason to believe it, I’m going to remain neutral and class this merely as a rumour until someone confirms it for definite. However, I will say that the listed specifications do sound pretty convincing, although I have my doubts as to whether a smaller form factor would actually be beneficial to the laptop. But I’m not an Apple fan, so what do I know?

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    The company also claims that users are duly informed about the implications of syncing their address book before they do so.

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