Technically Motivated is a blog focused on Computers and Technology, the aim of which is to offer a wide variety of articles discussing various technological advances around the world: from new and updated software; to useful utilities that anyone will find useful; to new hardware like smartphones – if it’s Tech, then Technically Motivated aims to cover it. Technically Motivated will also be looking out for special stuff you might like to know about too, such as freebies. The owner, Techie Jinji, aims to simply to make every article a useful and/or entertaining read to everybody who visits the site in the hope that you’ll bookmark and keep visiting to always keep yourself in the tech game.

The most important thing, though, is making sure that as much of our site as possible is what you, the visitors, would find useful and interesting. So here at Technically Motivated, every article will have an open commenting system where you can say just how useful – or not – you found something we talked about, as well as bring up any interesting side notes. Our Forums embrace a “five-star” system so you can rate every post made and point out what are the most interesting or useful things for you.

The main difference between Technically Motivated and most other websites is that TM embraces a much more open architecture. You see, Techie Jinji wants to make this site as much your own as it is his, and he really wants everybody to get involved as much as possible with both the site and the world of Technology that it covers. This is why, from day one, our site has had a Forum for sharing the most interesting things you know about; giving ideas for future articles, or even just for more general discussions. If you’re more creatively minded, we also encourage you to send in your OWN articles, via PM or e-mail, and if we like it we’ll print it and give you credit; and if you’re registered to the site and constantly contribute, you may be given the right to add new articles directly.

By the way, in case you’re wondering how Techie Jinji came up with the name “Technically Motivated” – the idea was born from a joke one of his friends told him, the punchline of which was a dig at how computer nerds are often completely lazy and “unmotivated” (in anything but computers, anyway). The name was intended to be an oxymoron and in itself a joke! However, TJ stuck with it and now believes the name not only sounds cool, but is a perfect representation of everything this site is about.

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