Technically Motivated is about bringing a greater understanding of technology to the wider public; and give them hints, tips and news to allow them to stay in step with its rapidly-changing world. The best way to make sure we're doing just that – and to allow people to let us know whether they're finding what they're looking for here – is to make it easy for people to connect with each other; and that's exactly what TM is designed to do. Thus, most articles across our site allow and encourage public commenting, so you can express your opinions on anything you've read; and we also encourage people to suggest ideas for future articles – or, if you have a good way with words, you can even write one yourself for us to consider adding. Of course, you can also just speak your mind as well. And if you want to socialise in a relaxed way with TM's other readers and writers, our Forum is just the place.

On this page, you'll find links to a number of services with which to interact with other readers and possibly even the writers for Technically Motivated. Many of these links will also appear if you hover the mouse over the Social link in the menu, unless your browser is blocking JavaScript. We are constantly looking at new social platforms and this page will constantly be updated to list them, so keep this page bookmarked and come back regularly!

IRC Live Chatroom – #techmotivated

IRC is a simple chat room system used for decades on the Internet, that lets you communicate in real time with other people in the same room by typing simple messages that get sent to everyone in the room – or you can talk one-on-one too, if you prefer. The IRC Chat page on Technically Motivated is a brand-new feature, which allows you to use IRC to chat with other Technically Motivated readers and writers and the general public in real time as well. You can connect directly from our site and start chatting immediately; or get instructions to configure your own IRC Client to be able to join us if you already know how to use other IRC Clients.

Technically Motivated Forum

If you've got a technology conundrum and need help or advice to get yourself back on your feet; or you just want a relaxed, somewhat indirect environment to socialise with fellow Technically Motivated readers and writers, our Forum is the place for you. Containing sections for both general and specific discussions, we hope there'll always be a place for you to speak your mind; and you can also directly message registered TM members if you like.

Our Twitter Feed – @TMWeb

The TMWeb Twitter Feed offers a simple, convenient way for Twitter users who are fans of Technically Motivated to get regular updates on new articles, giveaways and so on. It also offers another means for our visitors to send us their feedback about the site – and the comments may be published on our home page. If you use Twitter, don't miss out!

House Rules for commenting on Technically Motivated

Technically Motivated has an open commenting platform, with most posts both allowing and encouraging public comments. However, there are certain rules and standards we expect from our guests in order to maintain a friendly, sociable and safe environment that caters for everyone. This is where you can find those rules.

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