Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions about Technically Motivated via email:

What is Technically Motivated?

Technically Motivated is a technology blog designed to cater for everyone, regardless of their technical know-how. Technology can be a complicated subject; and sometimes people need help to make the most of what they have; or they need suggestions for software and apps that can help them make the most of their device, keep them safe and secure, make them more productive or just have fun. This is the goal of Technically Motivated – to provide everyone with the information they want or need. We also aim to cover the major tech stories in a simple, easy-to-understand way, allowing our readers to keep on the pulse of the latest in technology as it continues to move at its relentless pace.

In order to provide this, however, we need your help! Technically Motivated is aimed to be a Technology Blog written by the public, for the public. While the bulk of our content is written by a single person, Techie Jinji – our founder and owner and the only permanent member of TM's staff – we want to hear from you to shape the future direction of TM and help it grow and thrive. To this end, we run our own Forum solution to allow our users to communicate with one another about absolutely anything; and all of our articles have public comment boxes to give your opinions. If you have suggestions for things you'd like us to cover, you can also contact us directly using our Contact page; or visit our IRC Channel (#techmotivated on Or, why not volunteer to try writing an article yourself? See our "how to help out" section for details. Finally, we are very active on social media, so feel free to drop us a Tweet or Facebook message!

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How can I help out?

There are many different ways you can help out Technically Motivated:

Spread the word

The first and easiest thing you can do is help promote us. Talk about us and discuss the articles you like via Social Media or your favourite meeting places. Link to our articles on your own websites and blogs. Also, come and visit our Forum and get to know other readers and discuss things. Let us know what you like!

Let us know what you want to see next!

Got an idea for a subject you'd like us to cover, or a software product you'd like us to review? Or seen a piece of tech news you think we've missed? Get in touch with us via our Contact Form and let us know! We know people will only keep visiting if they read the things that interest them or help them learn new things, so we want to know what YOU want to see (as long as it's technology or gaming-related!)

Write for TM!

If you fancy yourself as a journalist or writer and you have an interesting topic related to technology, gaming or the real world, why not try writing an article yourself? Technically Motivated relies on volunteers like you to keep our site active; and we always credit anyone who helps out! If you'd like to give it a try, visit our Write for TM page to find our submission form, and start writing!

Note that in order to weed out spam or inappropriate submissions, we will need to review all articles submitted via this form before they are published. We also reserve the right to make minor edits for clarity, to correct spelling and grammar, or to remove inaccurate information.

Help us cover our hosting costs

You can also help Technically Motivated financially, if you're generous with money to spare. Technically Motivated relies on donations and advertising revenue to help cover its hosting and other costs. If you'd like to help out, why not donate a few pounds (or whatever your local currency is) by clicking the "Donate via PayPal" button on the right? Your contributions are very appreciated.

Tell us about plagiarism

Technically Motivated encourages the free sharing and promotion of our articles; but if you plan to republish our articles on your own site, you are required to credit us; and there may be certain other licensing restrictions you may need to adhere to. If you find a website or other source that appears to be copying our articles, but has not credited us – or you believe it is in violation of other licensing terms applied to the article – please contact us immediately so we can look into it!

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When will you review X product?

Software Reviews are a key feature of Technically Motivated and one of our passions – but it is also a highly time-consuming process. In order to be as accurate and as informative as possible, we pride ourselves in giving thorough, informative reviews of as many different parts of a software product as possible. Depending on the complexity of the product, it can take a significant amount of time to do this, as we download the products, try out every feature, take screenshots and make notes of the product's results and the experience of using the product. Only then can we actually begin the process of publishing a final review.

What slows this process further is that Technically Motivated is a voluntary organisation – with only one permanent member of Staff. This means we are lacking in manpower; and even when we have people helping to review software, they are not necessarily available 24/7 to do the job. So reviews are only possible during free time, which is not always forthcoming. We would like to employ actual staff to actively work on reviewing software, but we are lacking in funds to do so at this time.

If you have suggested a software for us to review – or you are a corporate who has supplied us with a product in hopes we can review it – we thank you for getting in touch and promise we will review the product at the earliest possible convenience. We appreciate that software reviews are often important both for our readers – so that they know who to trust – and to the manufacturers of the products in question, who often rely on publicity for their business. However, we hope you understand that may need significant time to finish the review and get it published, so your patience is duly appreciated.

We should also note that as Technically Motivated sometimes receives multiple review suggestions at once, we may not always review products in the order submitted. In cases where reviewing a number of products in prompt time is an impossibility, Technically Motivated may choose to favour a product that we believe to have a more varied target audience over one which we believe is likely to appeal to a much narrower range of people. We may also choose to review products in a different order than submitted for any number of other reasons, including but not limited to: varying the products featured so that products of the same category are not covered too often in succession; ensuring that products from the same company are not featured too often in succession; and allowing shorter reviews to be published quicker to maintain a more constant stream of content. Note that if we have decided to favour one product over another, this does not mean we will not review the other product as well; it will just be done at a later date or when we have volunteers willing to help. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Please be aware that if we feel you are becoming too demanding over the publication of any article, for any reason, we reserve the right to refuse to deal with you further.

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I wrote an article, now what?

First, thank you for your help in volunteering to write new articles for Technically Motivated – it's highly appreciated!

Once an article has been published using our online submission form, it is passed to a moderation queue for review. Techie Jinji will attempt to look over the article within 24 hours (depending on availability). The article will be checked over for its appropriateness to the site and its intended audience; and to ensure accuracy. Assuming the article is acceptable, minor edits may be made depending on need to correct spelling and grammar, or to improve readability. The article will then be published on our site at the earliest possible convenience – and the name you supplied will be credited on it!

Please do not use the article submission form to try to contact us directly (use the Contact Form), or to submit spam or content irrelevant or inappropriate to our site or its audience. Repeated submission of inappropriate articles or spam may result in a ban from our website.

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