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How To Clean your Memory Up Easily and for free

This article was contributed by Mantis, a visitor to Technically Motivated, via the “Write for TM!” publisher. It has been edited by Techie Jinji to clear up some of the language.

Okay, so most likely your computer doesn’t run as fast as it used to, correct? Maybe it’s been running for a long time, or maybe you’ve been running too many programs too often. These activities waste your RAM memory slowing down your computer. Well, I was toying around with some stuff a few months ago then I discovered a nice little way to clean up your memory easily and for free. Interested? Okay, here’s how its done:

1. Open up Notepad
2. Type: FreeMem=Space(128000000) exactly like that.
3. Click Save. Click the "Save as type" box and change it to say "All files".
4. Save the document as Memory Cleaner.VBS
5. Run the .VBS a couple times
6. Enjoy a speedier computer.

Hopefully this will work the same for all of you as it has for me.