Future Plans & An Appeal For Help

Greetings to all our readers and fans. As 2018 gets underway, I hope you are all having a great new year!

When I first launched Technically Motivated, nearly nine years ago, I envisioned it to be a communal effort. While the focus has always been to provide informative and useful tips, articles and news about technology so that anyone can learn how to do more, stay safe or get answers to common problems with whatever they have, in 95% of all the articles that have been published here over the last nine years, there has always been a public comment box for people to leave their opinions on what they just read; and my hope has always been that people reading the blog might chat to one another about other important tips they might have picked up, or mistakes in what they've just read, or just anything that takes their interest so that perhaps, in future, these could be the subject of future content and the site can appeal to even more of our readers. This is also why we have a Forum and a very active social media presence – when I say that Technically Motivated is the technology blog written by you, that is exactly what I mean.

While I have had the occasional review or article suggestion sent in to me by both visitors and friends, for the most part, every single thing you have seen published here on Technically Motivated on the last nine years has come from my own hand. Unfortunately, lives can change a lot in nine years; and for many months now, personal circumstances and changes in my career etc have left me with far less time to write about Technology; and as a result, while I continue to develop and improve every part of this great website and service behind the scenes, there are often long periods of silence between new content going up, and I constantly worry about people getting the impression that Technically Motivated is a "dead" site despite my continued efforts.

It has always been my intention for Technically Motivated to remain a free resource (supported by advertising and donations), which people can contribute to with or without an account; and be able to read, comment on and even suggest their own articles without any outlay. But to be able to continue this, I need help. If you are somebody with a knowledge of Technology – whether it's mobile, PC, Android, Linux, Mac, iOS, smart devices, games consoles, gadgets, processors or whatever else tech – and you want to help write about some of the latest happenings, your own tips and tricks for making the most of it, or interesting stuff you think other people might find useful, please get in touch – I am eager to hear from you!

Speaking of community, you may be aware that in 2017, Technically Motivated started a Beta for a new Forum solution. The move was prompted due to our previous Forum solution becoming undesirable, as it has been responsible for high load on our database which has led to slowdowns; and the move by the Forum's developers to release updated versions on a "freemium" model, where advanced features – including features previously available for free on our current Forum release – have now been turned into paid extras. In response, we have been trialing what was at the time a relatively new Forum software solution with a view towards replacement.

While the new Forum solution has impressed us due to its fast pace of development and quick maturity in features, until now we have continued to run both Forums simultaneously, due to the replacement still lacking popular features such as Private Messaging and cross-posting. With our old Forum becoming further out-of-date, however, it is my plan in 2018 to finally switch off the previous solution and fully migrate over to the new Forum, perhaps with additional software to cover the missing functionality. A full roadmap for this transition will be announced once I have settled on the final course of action.

I hope that you, the beloved visitors, readers and contributors to Technically Motivated, will continue to support Technically Motivated; and I hope together, we can see this valuable resource continue late into 2018 and beyond.

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