Take a look at Panasonic’s breathtaking new Super-HD 20″ Tablet

CES continues to spit out interesting Tech News left, right and centre; but this one really caught me by surprise. Situated at their booth and briefly discussed earlier in the main CES talks, Panasonic blew many people out of the water by revealing a new Windows 8 tablet that, quite frankly, is gigantic.

Panasonic 4k Tablet demonstrated at CES (credit Engadget)

(With credit to Engadget for the above picture)

This Windows 8 tablet from Panasonic measures a surprising (unexpectedly large for this form factor) 20 inches in screen width; and sports a “super-HD” 4k resolution which is best described as “photorealistic”. For those of you confused by big words, this means the screen looks like something out of a photograph, with graphics that supposedly remain good-looking from nearly any angle. It also sports a touchscreen display and stylus, which Panasonic claim can be used together for super-detailed manipulation of images. Little else is known so far, so stay tuned!

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