Aomei release Partition Manager for Windows 8. (Yeah, you read that right.)

Windows 8 – the next version of Windows after the current Windows 7, which will be the first to target computers, smartphones and tablets in the same system – is still yet to receive an official launch, though Microsoft did launch a Windows 8 Consumer Preview recently, to allow everyone to download a test version of Windows – so that the general public can try out the new system before it launches and see whether they like it, as well as to allow them to prepare themselves for the many changes it will bring.

Despite this, many software developers are already working on new versions of their applications that are specifically tailored to work on, or take advantage of extra functionality Windows 8 will bring. However, most of these applications were either Microsoft-developed and to be expected anyway (e.g. Office), or only needed small tweaks to function; and most of these are just small, simple programs. So when Aomei emailed Technically Motivated today boasting that their Partition Assistant 4.0 is "perfectly compatible with Windows 8 at first time", I was naturally curious.

For those of you who have never heard of it, Aomei Partition Manager has seen a good amount of coverage here on Technically Motivated – we covered the current 4.0 edition and its changes a few months back; a previous release given away last year; and a Server Edition of the program was one of many software products available in a give-away contest conducted by Aomei last Christmas as a company celebration. Put simply however, Aomei Partition Manager is a graphical Disk Management Tool with a very similar feel to EASEUS' offerings, but cheaper and with a distinctly "made in China" interface. The Home Edition of Partition Assistant 4.0 is a freeware, cut-down release of the main product line, but which allows commercial use as well as personal and contains all the basic features:

  • Resize Partition – "Extend Volume" and "Shrink Volume" to modify partition size by yourself
  • Create Partition – Create more partitions for different usages even there’s no unallocated space
  • Move Partition – Reset the location of one partition
  • Merge Partitions – Merge two adjacent partitions into one
  • Split Partition – Quick split one big partition into two small partitions.
  • Allocate Free Space – Allocate free space from one partition to another for making the best use of disk space.
  • Easy Copy Wizard – Copy partition or migrate entire hard disk to another without Windows reinstallation.

Aomei claim the latest 4.0 release is fully compatible with current previews of Windows 8 from the very beginning; and will offer all of the features shown above to its users. In addition, the company is already working on the next release, Partition Assistant 5.0, which they plan to release in two months and will be "specially made for Windows 8 and all currently supported Windows versions"; and will add these features to the mix:

  • Partition Recovery
  • Partition Table Recovery
  • Support Creating Ext2, Ext3 (Linux file System)
  • Directly Convert MBR to GPT (GPT to MBR also) without data loss.
  • And More…

Partition Assistant 4.0 Home Edition is available free from CNet Download – Windows 8 user or not – and Aomei are offering to anyone who subscribes to their product newsletter a chance to get the Professional Edition of the upcoming Partition Assistant 5.0 (which they claim will be “worth US$ 36.00”) on launch day for free – for more information, check out the Partition Manager for Windows 8 page on Aomei's website.

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