New Features and Updates now live on Technically Motivated

Technically Motivated was down for an extended period from Friday to Sunday to perform major site maintenance. During this time, as well as fixing the issues myself and many readers had come to notice throughout the site, I also worked on and tested many new features and enhancements for the blog, which I’m pleased to announce are now live.

First off, Technically Motivated is pleased to announce that, thanks to kind contributions by one of our affiliates, we now have an official IRC Channel for the public to use as they please. By visiting the new IRC Chat page, you can now engage in text-based real-time chat with fellow Technically Motivated readers and writers – and possibly the wider public – from the comfort from your browser with no downloads required; so if you have a technology-related question to discuss and want a quick answer; or you just feel like socialising with other people in a more relaxed environment talking about whatever you like, come and visit sometime – or if you prefer to use your own IRC Client, instructions on how to connect are also included on the page.

Speaking of Socialising – as posted on our Twitter earlier today, the second change to the website is an organisational one – all of TM’s available social features, such as the Forum, our Twitter Feed and the new IRC, have been grouped together into a single category, appropriately named “Social”. You’ll now see a “Social” link in the navigational bar at the top of each page; and mousing over it will present you with quick links to all of TM’s current Social Features, as well as the current House Rules for commenting on Blog articles. This should allow people who want to interact with others to find ways to do so much more easily.

I also discovered this week that the “Support” page was outdated and had incorrect links to both of our support pages – About TM and our Contact Form – making them impossible to reach via the page itself. This did NOT, however, affect the drop-down links. Regardless, the page has now been updated to correct the links, so everything should work properly now. A bug with the Comment form which may occasionally screw up the layout of comments was also fixed during the downtime.

The Technically Motivated Forum has also been hugely updated, having been upgraded to the new version 5.0 release which significantly overhauls much of its abilities. If you visit the Forum today, you’ll now see it has a much sleeker design; is much faster to get around; has a much more advanced Search feature; several new features and tons of other stuff I simply don’t have time to mention. There’s also been a few behind-the-scenes tweaks which will allow me to potentially extend the Forum with even more cool stuff in the future. Unfortunately, the new Forum’s tweaks have led to an unfortunate downside that pages on the Blog stop loading fully if I try to include the latest Forum posts on other pages. I hope to work out a fix for this soon, but until then the Home page’s section showing the latest Forum posts has been temporarily disabled.

I hope you didn’t find the long downtime too much of an inconvenience and that you will enjoy the many new features and enhancements it brings you. As always on TM, you are welcome to leave your feedback on the recent changes for my consideration – you can do this as a comment on this post, by posting on the Forum, or by contacting me directly – your comments are greatly encouraged.

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