“Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow” say Google

If you are longing for some snow to get you into the holiday season, Google has you covered. just head to Google’s home page, search “Let it snow” (this does not appear to work when using I’m Feeling Lucky); and while you search, you can enjoy the flakes falling. Let it go long enough and your screen clouds over and you can use your mouse like an ice scraper. Or simply hit the “Defrost” button that appears to clear the screen all at once.

This little treat is another in a range of Easter eggs created by Google for people to discover and enjoy. However, it only works on browsers that support the Canvas tag – part of the still-not-solidified HTML5 standard used by modern browsers that makes it easier to create drawing surfaces on web-pages. Most modern browsers support this tag, such as Internet Explorer 9, Any FireFox version past 1.5, Google Chrome (for which version is irrelevant because the software auto-updates) and unspecified recent versions of Safari – as well as Browsers based on these, such as Seamonkey, K-Meleon and Flock among others. Older browser versions will not work on their own, but it is possible to find plugins that activate the support – just Google it 😉

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