Registration Issues Resolved

A couple of months ago, an update to the Forum software used to integrate the TM Forums with the Technically Motivated Website, added in new features for registering users to the site which TM has since been making use of. Unknowingly, the new system meant that the original form for registering accounts with Technically Motivated was being replaced with an alternative form not operated by WordPress itself.

It had come to my attention recently that due to a misconfiguration in this form, registrations weren’t being handled correctly; and users were occasionally redirected to non-existent pages upon trying to log in or register an account. In addition, on the rare occasions that the form DID work correctly, security settings on the site would lead to the user getting 403 Forbidden errors on registering because the Registration Form was not detected as being part of the main site – and was thus assumed to come from an external website, which the System judged as being a security risk.

The combination of this double-whammy means that, for an unknown number of months, user registration was severely broken and for most users may have even been completely non-functional. The problems were finally discovered earlier this week via the use of user feedback and internal server debugging; and after intense work I am glad to announce all the issues have been resolved and any bugs cleaned up. This means registration should now function correctly for all users once again. I sincerely apologise for any inconvenience and hope that this has not put off too many visitors from contributing to our site. Steps are being taken to ensure such a catastrophe does not happen again.

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