Home is where you wanna be…

…but for Technically Motivated, it was almost the page to avoid for some time! When I decided to redesign the Technically Motivated homepage some many months ago, I decided I wanted to keep the latest posts on the front page but also integrate other content such as a welcome text and the now-famous “What you’re talking about” panel. I spent many weeks looking up various methods to make this possible before actually committing to designing the new Homepage; and eventually came up with a design model that added the post content to a static Homepage using short codes. However, while this method worked, it was incredibly broken – the code I was using to display the posts was leaky, and turned the Homepage into an actual post page; causing layout issues, banners where there shouldn’t have been any, and so on. A few weeks ago, a newly installed add-on also broke as a result of the badly-designed page; persuading me to start over from scratch.

Today, I am pleased to launch a brand new, rewritten version of the Technically Motivated homepage. This time, I’ve gone the opposite route; taking the already existing page for showing the latest posts and adding in the other content in between. The result is a professionally designed homepage that actually works as intended; and shows you the latest posts across the Blog at a glance while keeping the Ticker at the top and the “What you’re talking about” box in the middle; and without anything breaking. I hope you like the new-found convenience.

In addition to the above, we’ve fixed the language select on the right so “English” is marked by the Union flag rather than the American one. This seems to get switched back every time we update the language select plug-in ¬_¬

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