15-year-old Brit girl is “world’s best Excel user”

A British teenage girl is the world’s best Excel spreadsheet user, and has been crowned ‘Microsoft Excel world champion’.

Rebecca Rickwood, 15, from Cambridgeshire, won the competition by being the best user of Excel 2007 among some 228,000 international entries, according to The Telegraph. If the fact that there are World Championships for Office software is news to you, you’re not alone – no-one who works on or with Technically Motivated knew about them either until this story landed on our doorstep.

Rickwood travelled to San Diego earlier this week for the Final of the tournament, along with 78 other lucky contenders; and came out on top of them all, scooping a $5,000 prize and a trinket which was apparently received “very modestly” by the young girl. In an interesting side note, Rickwood’s mother is a Microsoft trainer at her school, the Sawtry Community College in Cambridgeshire. Whether the school had anything to do with her entry is unknown, but is certainly likely.

Two questions remain in our mind though. Firstly, how and why are there now genuine competitions regarding use of Office software; and two, how many potential finalists did not enter the contest or chose not to go forward to the final due to it being based in San Diego? Flights there and back aren’t cheap, you know…

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