August 1st – 3rd, 2011 ONLY: Get Aomei Dynamic Disk Manager Pro (worth $39) for free!

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Aomei Technology is on a roll recently, releasing new versions of programs rather regularly as well as inviting Beta Testers to try out new software. This month, Aomei – a Chinese-based company who work mainly on data management solutions; and who you may recall have been responsible for a giveaway on this very site a few months ago – have been working on a software called Dynamic Disk Manager, which they claim is the company’s “first dynamic disk management program”.

Dynamic Disk Manager is designed to “perform all the tasks needed under Windows-based systems to deliver optimal performance”, and allows you to convert basic hard drives to dynamic disks, which you can then resize to make as big or as small as your drive allows, add them to Software RAIDs, and more – all with easy to understand steps and no data loss. Technically Motivated were one of many websites approached to beta-test the software, but unfortunately I was unable to due to my laptop recently having to be sent in for repair due to the ventilation failing, and I only today got it back. However, Aomei has reportedly had a huge amount of interest overall in testing the program, and based on the feedback, have determined it is almost ready for public release.

Today, Aomei have announced the public release date for the software – Dynamic Disk Manager will go on sale starting August 1st. However, as a special treat to thank all the interest in the software, starting on the release date and until the end of August 3rd – that’s three days – Aomei are giving away the Pro version of the new Dynamic Disk Manager program – valued at $39 – absolutely free – and anyone can take part, even if they weren’t a tester!

Giveaway Details:

  • System Requirements: Windows 7, Vista, XP or 2000 – supports 32 bit & 64 bit
  • Giveaway Period: from 1st Aug, 2011 to 3rd Aug, 2011.
  • Version being given away: 1.0 Professional Edition
  • Free Updates: Aomei would like to offer free upgrades to all future updates to anyone who is willing to send them feedback about the software or help promote it. Read the “Promotion Plan” on the Giveaway page for more information.
  • Licence Restrictions: No Additional Restrictions.

How to get the software:

  1. Between August 1-3, visit the promotion page: http://dynamic-disk.com/giveaway/aomei-dynamic-disk-manager-pro-1.html
  2. Scroll down the page until you see the text “Ok, please fill your email address below and you will receive the download link!”
  3. Fill in your email address in the box, and click Submit. You should be taken to a page confirming the form was sent.
  4. Check the inbox of the email address you used, and look for an email from support@aomeitech.com, subject Aomei Giveaway: Dynamic Disk Manager Professional Edition. It may take up to 10 minutes to arrive.
  5. In the email, you will find a download link to the actual program. Then just click it, and begin downloading!

Technically Motivated cannot offer personalised support for any problems encountered while taking part in this giveaway and no data is collected by us during the process. The giveaway is handled entirely by AomeiTech.

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