Microsoft Office 365 given June launch

It has been in its beta stage in several countries for some time now and Microsoft has attracted some 100,000 customers to try the Office 365 beta program, and now Microsoft Office 365 is confirmed to be officially launching on June 28, this year. Microsoft partner Jon Roskill confirmed the details in a tweet.

Office 365 brings together Microsoft Office, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online and Lync Online in an always-up-to-date cloud service. Those who register for the beta will also get an additional month of free access to the service.

To compete with Google’s mostly free Docs service, Microsoft also has a free version available for non-business or enterprise users.

This release puts Microsoft in direct competition to Google’s business offering of Google Apps. Microsoft Office has been the main office application used by both home users and businesses for a long time and thus has a stronghold in the office productivity space – and while we at Technically Motivated remain impartial, critics cite this as evidence for why it’s likely Microsoft will win the majority of the target market. But what do you think? Leave your comments below.

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