Google hits one billion unique visitors in a month

In a first for any Internet company, Google hit one billion unique visitors in May, according to the results of a comScore report. The surprises keep coming as, contrary to some predictions, the company has also beaten Facebook to the milestone.

Reportedly Google’s unique visitor count for the month of may increased by a total of 8.4% over previous months, taking them just over the one billion mark for the first time in the history of the entire internet.

But Google can’t rest on its laurels just yet, as while they may have had the biggest gain in terms of numbers, Facebook is growing faster in terms of percentages, with ComScore reporting a percentage surge of 30%, increasing Facebook’s average monthly unique visitor count to about 714 million users.

ComScore’s statistics for website popularity come from a system not unlike how Neilsen ratings work for TV – by combining the recorded browing history of over two million internet users with page view data from 90 or so of the top web content publishers, to make up a realistic statistical view of activity across the net. Unfortunately Google is not one of these publishers, so ComScore relies mainly on its own statistical analysis for scoring Google – but by using actual data in combination with their own systems, ComScore has proven time and again to be strongly accurate and realistic with their statistics even without the guarantees.

Back in early 2006, when comScore started keeping track of these things, they placed Google at 496 million unique visitors per month. What a leap five years makes, huh?

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  1. Soon my site will be up there, beating facebook and google. And this means 1/6 people went on google in the whole world in may. If you think about it thats everybody because a lot of people don't have computers or internet.