Let’s Share The Wealth

Truthfully, if I were to describe today in one word, it would be "Updates". Windows Updates, Firefox Updates, Plugin Updates… I swear sometimes it's just all designed to annoy you as much as possible.

However, "Updates" is also a very appropriate word to describe what's been going on at Technically Motivated, because over the last 24 hours, I've been working on numerous updates to Technically Motivated to make it better than ever – so, I thought, better not leave our readers in the dark any longer, huh?

First of all, the TM Forum has been updated to the latest build, fixing a few usability issues. There's also been some rewrites to the theme, which should hopefully fix any visual or spacing issues on the Forums some users may have noticed.

Next are tweaks to the homepage itself. You'll notice now that all the posts shown on the Front Page now actually show the date the posts were posted, and the tags, bringing the view in line with the rest of TM. Although every other page on TM that shows posts already had this information, my previous update to the Home Page many months ago to improve its layout missed these details out, so I'm now very glad to have finally whipped that page into shape – and I hope you all find the changes useful too. There's still some flaws with the Index page compared to the rest of TM – most noticeably the fact that a non-functional Comment Box still appears on the bottom on occasion – but I hope to iron these out soon. Also, I've rewritten the intro text on the homepage, linking to more areas of the site, while also shortening it down slightly so that more focus is put onto the posts themselves.

Internally, I've made minor improvements to our spam prevention system to catch more spam comments and Forum Posts, to keep the blog friendly for everyone. I've also installed a plug-in that lets me reorganise pages and posts more effectively, so I can make the site navigation neater, quicker.

The sidebar has undergone a small change to better organise it all; and I've also added the donation panel, which now has two ways to show your appreciation to the site and its content if you're feeling generous.

But the final change is the big one. Technically Motivated has always been designed with the user in mind, which is why I've always been interested in hearing what you think. I write posts I feel people will be interested in; and I use your comments to evaluate my judgements while also gathering ideas on what to write about next. I also offer the Forums as a place where everyone can socialise, converse and share with each other in a more natural and loosely-controlled environment. But I've always wanted to go one better. That's why, a while ago, I began to look for new Writers to help write new articles on Technically Motivated to cover topics I've missed and help the blog cover more aspects of the Tech World and see it from different viewpoints; and I quickly extended that offer to the entire general public, with the desire to print the best articles to anyone who's interested with their credit attached.

The problem is, until now, the only way to submit your articles was to email me them using the Contact Form – which isn't the friendliest or quickest method. I understand that many people may find this a turn-off; and so, for some time, I've been trying to create an alternative. And now, I have one. Using the new Write for TM page, you can now submit your articles to the site directly, no registration or emailing required! For more information, visit the page in question.

I've always been of the view that blogs are all about sharing the wealth – and with TM, I feel that should go both ways. With these new updates, I'm hoping that sharing is now more open and accessible to everyone than ever. And I hope you continue to enjoy my site and make yourself at home – and please continue to make your voices heard so this site can continue to grow and improve!

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