Is Google’s ‘Panda’ Update Killing Content Farming Jobs?

Can Google be directly responsible for a rise in unemployment? Shocking as it may seem, some analysts are claiming that Google may have done just that with the recent “Panda” algorithm change to their Search Engine.

The “Panda” update was implemented to reduce the presence of low-quality content in search results, especially sites that have little original content in their own rights – but, according to some marketplace analysts, the changes may have had a major effect on the content farming business, with more than 3500 jobs in this area being lost over the last quarter.

According to data from’s Freelancer Fast 50 report, article submission jobs are down 29% (-2011 jobs) in Q1 2011 from the previous quarter, copywriting jobs are down 19% (-1300 jobs), and ghostwriting jobs are down by 12% (-435 jobs).

Demand for Adobe Flash developers also suffered. Job listings for Adobe Flash developers took the second biggest hit, declining 27% in Q1 2011, compared to Q4 2010. Much of this decline is attributed to Apple’s hostility to the Flash platform.

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