We now return to our originally scheduled blogging…

During a change to our hosting platform last month, Technically Motivated suffered database corruption which kicked the entire site offline. Ironically, a few days before this occurred, I had taken the decision to move the blog to a new server anyway, partially due to instability on our old server and partially due to a sponsorship agreement I have going (more on that another time). Because of this, I had full backups of the entire website’s files. So rather than repair the website on the existing server, I decided to move the backed-up site on the new server I had already been planning to use, and set it up again there.

Unfortunately, the process took a little longer than expected, as there were issues with domain transfer, and also I got tied up with real life issues. However, I finally managed to sort out everything earlier this week. Today I finally finished the set-up and updated all of the outdated plugins etc. With this done, I am pleased to announce the return of Technically Motivated to the internet.

Everything should still be as you remember it before the crash, and no content or accounts were lost as far as I can tell, so you can get back into the flow instantly. As for myself, I will return to my regular services here later in the week, so keep an eye out for new articles very soon!

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