Study: Gaming “most popular thing to do” with Tablet devices

A new survey by Google AdMob has found that tablet owners primarily use their touchscreen devices for playing games, claiming it to be the most common use for their devices. In addition, the commonly held belief that video and e-book viewing would be a Tablet device’s main appeal is proving to be less of a case than previously thought.

Out of the 1,430 tablet owners interviewed, 84 percent claimed they used their device for playing games. “Searching for information” came in as the second most-popular activity at 78 percent, followed by emailing (74 percent), reading the news (61 percent) and using social networks (56 percent). Only 51 percent use their tablets for watching videos or reading music, the study found. And Reading e-books was only popular among 46 percent of those interviewed.

The study also suggests a growing shift in how people see Tablet devices fitting into their computing life. 28 percent of those surveyed identified their tablet as their primary computer, and 43 percent admitting that they spend more time using their tablet than their home computer, showing that tablets, while not yet more popular than PCs, are certainly showing themselves as strong contenders. In some cases, the Tablet has even become the user’s home computer – literally. Despite a tablet’s obvious benefit of being able to easily take a tablet anywhere, most people (82 percent) say they mostly use their device at home, with only a mere 11 percent claiming they actually use their tablet as a mobile device.

As far as whether people are satisfied enough with tablets to make them a part of daily life, it’s a pretty close call which could still go either way. 32 percent of owners use their tablet for less than one hour per day, while 34 percent admit that they use the device for two or more hours daily, with the rest falling somewhere in between.

While some of the information wasn’t much of a surprise (59 percent use their tablets more than they read books), the study did find that 1 in 3 tablet owners use their tablet more than they watch TV. (Which would probably explain why Time Warner and Cable vision are so anxious to offer their programming on the iPad.)

The study was conducted last month by Google in order to help improve their advertising platform, and reportedly had a significant focus on the Apple iPad, although Google has not officially stated what Tablet devices were represented in the survey.

The statistics shown above were gathered from and confirmed with multiple sources, including the Guardian, various Tech Blogs, and Google’s own public Blogs. I thank you all for sharing the information.

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