Rumour: Was a test of a new Google Music app leaked to the web?

An odd glitch on a Tech Review website’s Android phone appeared to replace the Android Market on their phone with a Test version filled with numerous unseen (and many non-functional) apps; but it is one in particular, which actually DID function, that got their attention – and, when it was posted about on the internet, seemingly everyone else’s, too.

Now, there’s a claim that a download for the app has been discovered, and subsequently leaked online, and is now being shared by several websites.

The app – apparently a test release of a future update to Google’s official Google Music app, tentatively titled “Google Music 3.0” – was discovered by Techfrom10.com after they somehow acquired a developer version of the Android Market for a few days. Androidnews.de later found what it believed to be the entire collection of APK files for the application from the Market, and subsequently offered it for download. This was apparently compiled into a working install of Google Music 3.0 which is now being distributed across the web.

Digital music has been watching for Google to release a streaming music service for months, and it was reported two weeks ago that Google had begun testing the company’s music service internally. Music industry sources have said that Google wants to enable users to upload their existing music libraries to Google’s servers and then access their tunes via Web-connected devices.

The leaked software does indeed appear to be at least a test version of this long-rumoured service; however, it’s hard to say with absolute certainty that the leaked app represents what Google Music will look like when it finally launches, or even if it is real at all, because the company has not responded to interview requests about the matter from any news source.

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