Even Websites Need Love Sometimes…

Earlier this week the software responsible for the Blog was updated to the latest version on the advice of the authors, who claim the latest version "fixes many security issues, and also a posting glitch that could allow anyone to post an article improperly". This was later followed with an update to the Forums which basically made the same claims.

With all the updates I've had to do, I thought I might as well make a job out of it and also rewrite parts of the website to improve Technically Motivated in ways I feel it deserved it. So, over the past few days I've been working on a few improvements to Technically Motivated to make it even better, and I thought I should share the wealth.

As well as the Software Updates, another major change comes to our Commenting system. All our comment forms use a WYSIWYG Comment box, meaning you now have the ability to write and see your comments exactly as they will appear when posted (prior to moderation if manual moderation is required). This also means there is no longer a need to Preview your comments because you already see them as they'll look. As a direct result of this we've now removed the "Preview Comment" button, which to be honest barely worked anyway.

Other advantages of the new Comment Boxes are that they can be resized to be as big or small as you like; and you have buttons to quickly add basic formatting. The Comment Form has also been somewhat redesigned to fit everything properly, although annoyingly the checkbox for "Subscribe to future comments via email" still seems to get placed in a totally random position and we can't seem to fix it.

The sharing buttons underneath each post have also been improved, and should allow us to add further sharing and donation options in future. Nothing's been added yet, though, but do watch this space. Combined with a few internal changes, the results of all this work should mean a sleeker and simpler website for everyone.

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