Spam volumes shrink since Christmas

Spam volumes have witnessed a dramatic drop of more than 50 per cent since Christmas, proving even miscreants seem to like to make merry.

Global junk mail volumes have reached their lowest level since the November 2008 shutdown of rogue ISP McColo, Symantec’s net filtering business MessageLabs reports.

MessageLabs attributes the drop to a production break from the Rustock, Lethic and Xarvester botnets. Rustock has all but shut down while the fiendish hackers behind the Lethic and Xarvester have also gone quiet.

By contrast, two other significant sources of spam – Gheg and Cutwail – are pumping out junk mail at much the same volumes as ever.

MessageLabs reckons that this is only a temporary respite, however; and that we can expect normal levels of spam to resume very soon – but we should enjoy our relative peace in the mean time. It certainly does make for a pleasant gift for the season though, huh?

Spam volumes shrink since Christmas
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