Motorola Xoom to make February appearance?

The Xoom, Motorola’s first foray into tablet market, will enter the tablet market in the United States on February 17, making its appearance at Best Buy stores, according to a report.

The 10.1-inch tablet is expected to be one of the first tablets from a top-tier supplier to give Apple’s iPad a run for its money. The Xoom will come with Google’s Android Honeycomb operating system for tablets, a dual-core processor, a high-resolution (1,280×800) display and dual cameras. In the US, it will supposedly be coupled with the Verizon 3G (and soon-to-come 4G) network. Pricing is reported to be $800 (£500 / €585), though $699 (£436.80 / €512.50) has also been cited as a price (British Pounds and Euro prices are based on exchange rates at time of publication and exclude VAT). The device is also said to have 32GB of onboard flash storage.

No information has been shared so far about whether or not the supposed launch date is genuine, or about launches elsewhere in the world. But I am certain we’ll hear more very soon.

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